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Our Team

Welcome to the Icingbits team!


Jen is the founder and creative guru behind Icingbits. She is in charge of all product development, quality control and producing beautiful Icingbits cake decorations. Jen is a perfectionist and it is this attention to detail and passion that results in the best cake decorations in the Universe !





According to Sam, Icingbits would fall part without her! Jen lets her think that because she is lots of fun to work with, and really quite useful!! She is actually very talented at making cake toppers, unfortunately her talent doesn’t stretch to singing though…but that doesn’t stop Sam!!







Courtney loves all things cake!    She also loves making  cake toppers twice..generally because Jen will wait till she is finished before telling her its not right..so she has to make it again. ! Apparently, if it was good enough for Jen to learn by her mistakes, its good enough for Courtney!   (Ps she is a natural talent!)





Colin is Jen's business partner and does all the boring stuff like business planning, managing the website and processing  orders etc. 




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