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Our Products

All our Icingbits cake decorations are handcrafted at our approved premises in Mount Sheridan, Cairns.

We use only the finest quality fondant icing to craft our beautiful Icingbits cake decorations which are produced by Jen and her team in Cairns.

All our products are completely edible.

Icingbits cake decorations do not contain nuts or gluten. However we produce Icingbits cake decorations in an environment which uses nuts and gluten so please be aware of this.

We make all our Icingbits to order to ensure that you receive your goods with the longest possible life.

Because we handcraft each individual Icingbit cake decoration with care and love there will be always be slight product variations. No two Icingbits will be exactly the same as we produce everything by hand but we do guarantee that you will love what we do.

When you select colour options for our products please be aware that there will be naturally colour variations between the actual colour of your Icingbits and the option colour you select when ordering. All our products are handcrafted and the colours selected by you are indicative.

We can get very busy in the Icingbits kitchen, so please allow 2 weeks for us to make your toppers. After we have crafted our Icingbits we leave them to settle and dry for a minimum of 48 hours. Then we carefully package and dispatch them to your chosen address using Australia Post.

 Icingbits cake decorations will comfortably for 6 months if stored in dry conditions and at a temperature less than 25 degrees. Avoid keeping Icingbits in the fridge, freezer or in humid conditions as they will 'sweat' (moisture released on the surface).



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