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Some Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you have a question and cannot find the answer here try the About Icingbits or Our Products pages.

If you still can't find the answer to your question please use the Contact Us link to email us.

What are Icingbits Cake Decorations made from ? At Icingbits all our cake decorations are handcrafted using 100% Fondant Icing made from cane sugar.

Are Icingbits edible ? Yes, all Icingbits are fully edible.

Does Icingbits make cakes ? No we do not make cakes. We make beautiful edible handcrafted cake decorations which are designed to turn your homemade or store-bought cake into your own creative masterpiece!

Are Icingbits fragile ? In short yes they are ! Our Icingbits can become quite brittle when dry. We take enormous care when wrapping and packaging your order to ensure your Icingbits reach you in perfect condition. When you unpack your order please handle with care to ensure you get full enjoyment from your purchase.

What if my Icingbits are damaged in transit ? Please see Shipping & Returns for our returns procedure

How long will my Icingbits last ? If stored in a dry temperate environment between 10 - 25 degrees centigrade your Icingbits will last for 6 months comfortably. 

Where & how should I store my Icingbits ? We recommend dry temperate conditions for storage. We do not recommend the fridge as your Icingbits will lose moisture on the surface due to the reaction of the sugars to the cold (as happens with candied sweets or chocolate). If you plan to store your icingbits we recommend using an air-tight plastic container.

Are Icingbits Gluten Free ? Icingbits are produced in a kitchen which also works with gluten so we cannot guarantee that Icingbits are entirely gluten free.

Do Icingbits contain nuts ? Again, the kitchen where we produce Icingbits does use nuts so we cannot guarantee that Icingbits are entirely nut free.




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